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QZDoom • About QZDoom

About QZDoom

What is QZDoom?

QZDoom is a continuation of dpJudas's truecolor software rendering, merged with and forked from GZDoom.

Why merge with GZDoom?

Compatibility. It helps with the ever-growing wishlist of features for the port. If it runs on GZDoom, it runs on QZDoom, and hopefully QZDoom will eventually be able to "borrow" some of GZDoom's effects. It is also a goal that if this project is able to inherit enough of GZDoom's features, it will allow GZDoom itself to move forward further than would otherwise be possible since some users will no longer be held back by such a move. This is not intended to replace GZDoom, but rather, to exist alongside it, simply to offer an alternate renderer for development, testing, and playing.

Project Wishlist

These are features that are planned for QZDoom. Not all of them may make it in.
  • Bloom/tonemaps
  • "GL" Lights
  • "GL" Skyboxes
  • Model support (will be done in a similar manner to voxels, so it won't be as good as GZDoom's)
  • True freelook support
  • GZDoom's texture upscaling filters (HQNx, xBRZ, etc)
  • Floor decals
  • Flat&Wall sprites
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Special thanks
  • dpJudas for his extensive work and efforts to make this a reality!
  • Graf Zahl for GZDoom
  • Randy Heit for ZDoom
  • id Software, Raven, Velocity, etc - All the games that ZDoom supports
  • All the various contributors and mod authors over the years, some of whom's work has been featured in these screenshots, but also those who have contributed code to both Doom and ZDoom.
  • Blzut3 & _mental_ - Mac OS support